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Welcome to the new digs!


Hey everyone this is my new blog spot for the Pittsburgh Penguins.  Apple has provided all Mac users with powerful tools to create really special blogs and websites, however my main goal is to simply churn out some great written material for you to read and maybe splice in a couple pictures as opposed to creating an “experience,” so that’s essentially where the change originated from.  

As you may have noticed by the title I’m going to also be commenting on any happenings around the NHL that catch my eye and deserve to be talked about.  Check back as early as tomorrow to see a breakdown of who I think should be on Team Canada this year.  Don’t worry, by the time the season starts the content will be 90% Penguins-related but obviously other topics will arise.  I’m also a sucker for lists of any kind and I thought those would be fun for everyone to peruse as well.  Off the top of my head I think I’ll be doing a list of my favorite non-Penguin players ever very soon, with other to follow.  Just something different to spice things up.

Two other things:  First, on the right hand side you will find my Twitter feed devoted totally to the NHL.  For those not familiar this is something that will let me write a sentence or two if I have a simple statement about something or news that doesn’t require a full article.  You’ll also be able to easily comment on my stuff without having to reply to an e-mail I sent you.  Below the title of each article simply click “Leave Comment” and you can post something right here on the site!

As for the Penguins-specific content I’ll probably be starting with a breakdown of the offseason this week followed by some reports from training camp (I’ll probably have some free time on my hands since I work for the government right now, i.e. unemployed).  That should start us off with some real info to talk about and I’m sure I’ll whip up something about season expectations as well.  I’m going to again try to write something after every game (famous last words) but it will probably be brief, maybe 2-3 paragraphs.  Trying to write 2,000 words about every game was daunting to me before and that led to me not doing it at all.  Anyways, enjoy and remember to bookmark this site!

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