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10/07/09-Coyotes vs. Penguins: L 2-0

I hate to be blunt, but there wasn’t a single Penguin skater that had a good game tonight. I would say Letang was decent enough, he skated the puck well and pinched well, but other than that this was a total disaster beyond the goal line.

Brent Johnson played pretty well. To be honest the Coyotes collapsed and play smart, defensive hockey in the last half other so he didn’t have a whole lot to do at that point but he kept the Penguins in the game. He looked sharp and alert, which I can’t say for anyone else in a black jersey. At one point, he made a save to his left, shuffled to the right and made a save, and back to the left to rob Shane Doan with his glove hand. Little did we all know that it wouldn’t matter.

The Penguins got off to an atrocious start, taking 6 minutes worth of penalties in the first 8 minutes or so. This screwed up their lines and the entire flow (for them). One puck eventually found its way in the net, and we all hoped the Penguins would take a deep breath, get back 5 on 5 and right the ship. Good lord did that NOT happen.

The Penguins passed sloppily, had a hard time getting pucks to the net, and were generally outworked by Phoenix. I will grant the Penguins that being on the penalty kill so often made Phoenix look better than they actually were, but only to a point.

In the third period the Coyotes executed what I would call a perfect defensive period. They were all over the Penguins puck carriers, and if a puck managed to make its way towards another Penguin, they were blanketed and the play was broken up. They also routinely batted pucks out of the air, which seems like a small thing but it when you do it as often as they did it stalls the other team’s offense and can frustrate them a bit.

The Penguins travel to Philadelphia for a game with the Flyers tomorrow night at 7pm, so they don’t have too much time to sulk about this one. However, I would like to think Bylsma will do his best to light a fire under them and/or tweak some things by tomorrow night. You shouldn’t be outworked (dominated?) by a team projected to finish last in the entire league no matter how poorly you play.

I had nightmares of Therrien when I saw the Penguin lines juggled late in the game and defensemen delivering hard passes at a teammates crotch who was standing at the red line. I’m praying I don’t get the same feeling tomorrow.

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