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10/12/09-Penguins vs. Senators: W 4-1

Didn’t write about the Leafs game because I saw it very late at night and really there wasn’t much to say. They played well.

This game was pretty similar really. Ottawa looked good at times and bad at times. Spezza looked good but needs a little help (Heatley, ahem). The Penguins I thought were more consistent, and played a little above average for much of the game.

The Penguins got a couple bounces and the Senators had a couple not go their way, but essentially I think Pittsburgh deserved the win. Ottawa didn’t look too hot on the power play and didn’t generate much when Spezza wasn’t on the ice.

As long as Staal keeps scoring he’s all right with me, we’ll see how his year goes. I still maintain he doesn’t do much when he’s not putting points up. Is he a good third line center? I think so but playing solid defense isn’t enough, so let’s just temper our expectations.

Two things stuck out at me at this point so far in the season. One is that Fleury has been great since the opening faceoff of opening night. If you ask me he’s picked up right where he left off when he raised the Cup last season. You can tell he’s at his best when he’s calm in net and doesn’t waste any motion. Of course the 4-5 robberies he’s had help make it more obvious too.

The other is that since the Coyotes game the Penguins have just been on an even keel. It’s just interesting to me that the team as a whole has been incredibly steady the last couple games and at the same time Crosby and Malkin have put up good, not great (for them) stats. I’ll just be interested to see if there’s something different they’re doing that might shave a few points off their season-ending totals, but will result in more wins for the team. Of course it could just be that Malkin has poor linemates and Crosby has had some bad luck (only one assist so far this year). I also have to keep in mind they’ve played two teams I picked not to make the playoffs. Just something to think about.

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