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When Will the Flyers Learn?

by Dan Lienemann

My bad everyone, didn’t see this e-mail til now but it’s a good read  -Mike

It’s not 1974. Really it’s not. This isn’t the movie Slapshot either the last time I checked. Just moments after I said to myself, “Wow the Flyers haven’t played like no skill goons” they proved me wrong and showed hockey fans everywhere that it’s just the same old Flyers.

First after MAF makes a save with only seconds remaining Richards takes a run at him that included a weak clothesline attempt. Then Super Douche Hartnell attacks Kris Letang and turned his finger into a post game snack. Finally you see Pronger with his hand wrapped around Kunitz’s neck pulling him away from the pile. So much for me trying to give them some credit.

Stellar goaltending from MAF was the main reason for the Penguins first round victory over the Flyers last season. To me a close second place goes to the Flyers game 1 goonery. Had they showed up to play hockey in game 1 instead of coming out to fight and “intimidate” then perhaps they could have won the series. Instead the easily handed the Penguins game 1 by taking multiple stupid penalties. I would think they would have learned their lesson from that game and the Penguins dominance of them during the last few years but apparently not. The Penguins just aren’t scared. It’s good to be tough and intimidating but you simply can’t win just playing “old time hockey.”

I understand that all teams are guilty of losing their cool at the end of a game or that all teams “try to send a message.” But the Flyers seem to do it way too often and at times like last night take it way too far, especially against the Penguins. Just for once can’t they just accept defeat and skate away? The only thing more pathetic is the chant of “Crosby Sucks” given by their fans even as the Flyers lose again.

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  1. John Kovach
    October 24, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    Well said. Last year, it was Hartnell that ran into Fleury after he failed on his shootout chance. The new rules don’t allow the Flyers to goon it up as much as they did years ago. They’re called for penalties and end up in the box, giving up power play goals just like last year’s playoff game. It’s becoming laughable that they are trying to change their team partly because they’re stuck with Briere’s contract and he doesn’t fit into their goon system. When they are losing at the end of the game, they must look up at the press box and see Bobby Clarke who gives them the “thug” signal. As long as he is around, the Flyers won’t ever change.

  2. Dan
    October 26, 2009 at 1:20 am

    Ya I always make fun of Shoop because of Briere’s contract. Just think what they would could be like if that 6+ million went to a goalie that could make some key saves to make up for all the penalties they like to take. I agree about Clarke but I guess at some point they are bound to severly injury Crosby, Malkin, or whoever… maybe then they could win?

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