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10/23/09-Panthers vs. Penguins: W 3-2 SO

Woops, just noticed I didn’t post about the Blues game, sorry about that. They kicked the Blues’ asses and won 5-1, there ya go.

This game is one of those “a win, is a win” type of deals. The Penguins didn’t play very well at all for the first two periods, and even in the third when desperation elevated their play a bit, still looked like they were fighting the puck. Credit should go to the Panthers though, they played fast and frustrated the Penguins by ALWAYS being in the way. Vokoun also played very well, although the Penguins shot total of 43 was inflated by a lot of junky shots from beyond the circles with little to not traffic.

Brent Johnson played well yet again. So far I really have no complaints about his game. He probably deserved a win against Phoenix even though the other Penguins had no chance to give him one, and in this game he was solid and hung tough on a lot of chances in close.

Martin Skoula looked pretty stiff in his debut, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see one or two more games and see if he gets comfortable. The defense as a whole didn’t have their best game, allowing the Panthers to swarm and often take shots in very close proximity to the net.

In summary none of it matters since the Penguins squeaked out a win regardless. The Panthers probably aren’t a playoff team and they seem to be one of those teams the Penguins have problems with, so with it being the first game without Sergei Gonchar against a pesky opponent (for Pittsburgh at least) it’s best to take the two points and move on.

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