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11/05/09-Penguins vs. Kings: 5-2 L

I only caught this game off and on at a bar, but I did see a good bit of it on the replay the day after.

It appears the Penguins’ key injuries are catching up to them a little bit. With only 18 shots about midway through the 3rd period, the Penguins let up two quick goals to make it 4-2 and that was all she wrote.

It was probably bound to happen. They have a lot of firepower on the injury report right now, just have to hope it doesn’t turn into a streak. I was actually impressed with the Kings. They seemed to play a pretty solid game, and Jonathan Quick had a very good game in goal. It also looks like Anze Kopitar maybe taking charge as the team’s leader and justifying his big paycheck status. Last night was probably a good indication of LA’s potential once all their youngsters are fully comfortable.

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  1. John Kovach
    November 8, 2009 at 1:48 am

    Size matters and after talking with Tom Kovach, he was right after the Ducks game and the only difference was the Pens had trouble with 2 lines instead of 1 on Thursday night due to size.
    John Kovach

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