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11/14/09-Bruins vs. Penguins: 6-5 W OT

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My apologies for no updates this past week! I think the losses and mediocre play all around lulled me to sleep!

This game was certainly an improvement over what we’ve been seeing for the past couple weeks. Obviously Malkin returning makes the forward roster ten times more dangerous, and him being dressed seemed to give everyone a little adrenaline.

Malkin and Crosby looked great together, perhaps because Crosby was thankful for having a competent linemate and the same for Malkin (aside from just being back period). Brent Johnson played okay. Giving up 5 goals is never a good thing, and he did give up one bad one, but got out of there with the win. The fill-ins and defense also played very respectably.

Beyond Crosby and Malkin there still needs to be some other forwards stepping up. Pascal Dupuis (surprisingly) has 5 goals I believe, and as much as I usually loathe him I have to say no one can point the finger at him right now production-wise. At least Guerin came up huge just before time expired. I wasn’t sure if he still had a pulse lately.

On a side note, this was the most exciting regular season game I have attended in a long time. A tying goal with 0.4 seconds left and an OT winner (i.e., no shootout), clean play and lots of goals makes for a spectacular game.

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