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11/16/09-Ducks vs. Penguins: 5-2 W

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Just like Saturday, it’s amazing how much easier the games are to watch when a 100 point scorer returns to the lineup. This was a sloppy game with a lot of broken plays, but just wanted to point out again how crucial it is for Malkin and Crosby to be in the lineup at all times.

Despite a lot of injuries, particularly on the blue line at this point, the Penguins team play has been decent overall. All the fill-ins on defense are making the most of what they have to offer and taking advantage of the opportunity. You don’t see anyone playing timid, and if anything they’ve been aggressive at the right times. For what it’s worth Mark Eaton has also been very good at knowing when to step in and provide a little support offensively.

Another good thing is that supporting players are starting to contribute again. Cooke had two goals including an empty net, Staal scored and so did Guerin again.

Overall the Ducks didn’t play their best game, and the Penguins probably didn’t either but they were much more consistent. Getzlaf played well, and his 2 goals on the season is a mystery to me, but Bobby Ryan looks like less of an impact player than he did last year. Who knows, maybe he did in fact get hurt when he ran into Crosby. The Ducks also look a little light on defense without Chris Pronger. Despite what some people say I think Scott Niedermayer is nearing the end and his play HAS dropped off considerably. Wisniewski is a nice player who can play a middling role on a defensive corps, but Ryan Whitney needs to be more visible in all areas if the Ducks want to justify acquiring him. He was never a bad player (as some Pens fans would have you believe) but he tends to sometimes be a passenger when in fact he has the skills to make the difference on a lot of nights.

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  1. John Kovach
    November 18, 2009 at 2:35 am

    Getzlaf only has two goals? I can’t believe it with his size and skill. He’s got to break out soon. He had some great moves verus the Pens last night. With the way the Ducks are going, I hope Randy Carlyle’s job isn’t on the line.

  2. John Kovach
    November 18, 2009 at 2:48 am

    One more NHL thought. I just saw on TSN Canada that the Black Hawks are going to give extensions to Toews, Kane and Duncan Keith. Supposedly, $6.5mm each for Toews and Kane. With Keith and who they already have signed, that will put their team salary at $61mm (for only 15 players), $4mm over the cap. Who they getting rid of? They must be working some “Red Wing” long term deals. Still, somebody’s gotta go. It’s going to be interesting to see how they work this out.

  3. November 18, 2009 at 2:56 am

    No idea what the Blackhawks are going to do. They have free agents whose contracts are up after this year so they’ll probably make a little room that way, but someone has to replace them so they won’t clear millions and millions just by letting some small time players go. We know Campbell is most likely immovable due to his inflated contract, unless someone pulls a Gainey (ahem, Gomez).

    At first glance I’d say they’ll save a million or two by letting some guys go, but again at first glance Sharp or Seabrook look like moveable pieces. They’re both good players and their salaries are low enough that they could be traded ($3.5-4 million). With my limited knowledge of the team I’d say it would sting to lose either, but what choice do they have?

    • John Kovach
      November 18, 2009 at 3:01 am

      To quote one comment on TSN Canada, “They’ll be bringing in some ECHL players!” lol

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