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11/19/09-Penguins vs. Senators: 6-2 L

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This was obviously a game that slipped away, and it’s funny how in this league if you let up or find yourself off balance for a few minutes, the game can take a dramatic turn.

The Penguins started well enough with Jordan Staal scoring his sixth of the season about a minute and a half into the game. They even managed one or two more odd man rushes but couldn’t convert. After that everything changed though.

I’d give most of the reason for this loss as credit to the Senators for playing a brilliant game. Their play in the defensive zone was impeccable, not allowing any Penguin forwards to enter the middle of the ice with the puck. On offense they buried their chances and while Sergei Gonchar was getting back into the swing of things and three minor leaguers were given regular minutes again due to injuries, had some great exhibitions of cycling in the offensive zone as well.

Overall you could tell the Penguin defensive corps was springing leaks. Again, with Gonchar playing his first game since being injured and some of the adrenaline wearing off of the AHL fill-ins since their callups it all amounted to a porous game in the Penguin zone. Brooks Orpik was questionable to play tonight so hopefully he’ll be back on Saturday to add some more stability.

On another note the power play continues to struggle despite Malkin returning. I’m not really sure what the complainers want Mike Yeo to draw up but I doubt there’s anything special he can do. There’s plenty of talent on the ice so the Penguins should be scoring power play goals 18-20% of the time regardless (they’re 29th in the league at 16.3% currently). I hate to beat a dead horse but just TRY splitting up Malkin and Crosby on separate power plays. Even if it’s just for one game. As they say, there’s only one puck. If that’s the problem splitting the two up will solve it and if not what’s the down side? I believe they’ve scored 3 power play goals in their last 30-40 attempts. It can’t hurt.

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  1. John Kovach
    November 21, 2009 at 2:44 am

    Once Gonchar gets back in the groove, the power play will be fine. I think the team was too pumped up with both Talbot and Gonchar back and tried to play too much of an offensive game. Like you said, the Senators did a great job on defense and they had a good transition game. The shots proved that. My only “worry” is the last time Gonchar came back and they got killed, they fired the coach! Bylsma’s probably checking his caller ID to make sure it’s not Ray Shero before he picks up. lol

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