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11/23/09-Penguins vs. Panthers: 3-2 W OT

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What a crazy game. I think that’s being polite, what with how the Penguins performed for most of the game. Sure, the Panthers are hot right now and there are some injuries blah blah, but I didn’t like much of anything in the way of how they performed tonight.

For most of the game we were treated to a team that looked to be in slow motion. The opposition are like rabid dogs as soon as a Penguin receives a pass, which usually isn’t a very good one. Weird choices on defense contribute to a goal or two, and at the other end the Penguins sometimes actually cycle the puck a bit only to have it eventually taken away, all the while not realizing that they’ve been going around in circles on the perimeter the whole time with no pucks penetrating the middle of the ice.

Maybe I’m embellishing a bit, but it would all ring true if they didn’t commit highway robbery and win this game in overtime. Yes, I realize it’s one game but we’ve seen this before against Ottawa just recently. The Penguins were lucky to not fall too far behind this time and pour it on late which they’ve had a decent amount of success doing in the past given their talent.

As always it’s only one game, and yes you can’t ignore the (still) notable injury list. The thing of it is there’s not much left to provide a shot in the arm for the forwards. Kennedy will play a nice third line role like usual, but Chris Kunitz has to at least stay on pace for 60 points in an 82 game season (given he’s missed some time). As far as I’m concerned, so far this year he’s basically been Matt Cooke with a fat paycheck. Not good enough. Also, far be it for me to question Crosby or Malkin but while they’ve played pretty well, neither of them have been dominant for a good long while. That’s what they get paid for and along with strong goaltending that’s what this team is built on. It’s a tough criticism, but as strange as it is to say, if Crosby and Malkin each only ring up about 90 points this year it’s not enough.

Hopefully the stabilization of the forward lines will be enough to get them focused and maybe result in a few more goals. Obviously the defense is ravaged right now so patience is probably the best approach when it comes to them.

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  1. Dan
    November 26, 2009 at 4:01 am

    Little late on this one but that had potential to be an extremely annoying game had they lost. Still trying to keep the don’t care how they win mentality until they are healthy but it’s hard sometimes!

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