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11/25/09-Canadiens vs. Penguins: 3-1 W

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I think this game showed how a team like the Penguins can overcome some significant injuries because of the top end talent they have, where as a team like the Canadiens just can’t. They’re very banged up at the moment and simply can’t keep up with most of the rest of the league. Regardless I don’t think the season has gone at all like they planned even before all the injuries hit.

The Penguins were in control for most of the game, especially after the first goal was scored. Montreal never really sustained a lot of pressure save for a couple situations around the opposing net and obviously the goal by Pacioretty.

It was another one of those game’s where I couldn’t help but feel for Malkin. Pascal Dupuis simply isn’t fit for anything more than a temporary third line role and Ruslan Fedotenko has been virtually unnoticeable except for scoring a handful of goals so far this year. Obviously Crosby will always be the Mario’s favorite child and with good reason: both players are pretty equal talentwise but Crosby sells more tickets and merchandise. It’s just a little ridiculous at times, for instance: The original plan was for Talbot to play on Malkin’s wing, but obviously Talbot was hurt to start the season. He comes back and whoops, Kunitz happens to be hurt so he goes on to Crosby’s line. It may have been a genuine coach’s decision but things like that plus the total disregard to find him quality linemates needs to change in the next few years. That’s a lot of time so no need to panic but players WILL leave if they have options and feel like they’d be treated better somewhere else. My point is it’s bad enough that he would be the center of attention and #1 franchise player somewhere else, so there’s no need to pile on by making his on-ice experience a living hell. That might sound dramatic but there’s really no excuse for the quality of his linemates. It would be nice to see a Guerin-type trade made to supplement Malkin’s talent for once and not Crosby’s.

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