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Quick Thoughts on the Last Two Games

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

A little late on the updates lately, the holiday weekend was a little more busy than I thought.

First, the Islander game. I thought the Penguins looked a little stale and uninspired. On the other hand I can see why the Islanders are somewhat improved when compared to their usual basement dwelling selves. They seem to attack the puck much better and play harder in general. As much as I hate to agree with anyone on the Penguin broadcast, Bob Errey pointed out that since the Isles have Tavares and therefore a sign things are moving in the right direction, they have a reason to play hard and try to build something. I agree with that statement. It makes a world of difference in my mind when you have a discernable difference maker on the ice and you know it doesn’t have to be an exceptional night for every single player in order to come out with a win.

As for the Ranger game, what a night. Crosby dominated and Malkin has been really consistent as of late. That being said, I was happy with the result since I just commented last week about how one or both of them has to start having some great performances. The game got really chippy as the goal margin widened and when Matt Cooke blindsided Anisimov. In all honesty it was no different than the numerous shoulder to head hits that have happened this year. I’m not sure if they should be outlawed or not, given that it’s still a hit with the shoulder and sometimes difficult to pull up on, but obviously people are getting seriously hurt so it’s hard to say. I believe they ruled that next year all shoulder pads have to have soft caps on them, so that should help at least somewhat.

Back to the game. Getting Letang and Goligoski back was a breath of fresh air and slowly but surely everyone is getting healthy. The Rangers are obviously headed in the wrong direction, but interestingly enough Marian Gaborik has 35 points on the year which puts him in second place in the entire league. Given that he missed a bit of time with injury that’s pretty impressive.

Monday’s game should be interesting since the Rangers are still brooding over the last matchup. Cooke is suspended for 2 games so he won’t be able to participate.

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