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My Favorite Network Sports Theme Songs

Just for fun I figured I’d put this list together for a little discussion and especially, a little nostalgia.  I stumbled onto a couple of these recently that brought back some cool memories so I started thinking about what my favorites were.  This is my personal top seven in order:

First though, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great music of NFL Films.  Just about everything in their “go to” archive is great and everyone probably has their personal favorite even though most of us only know them when we hear them.  If you’re interested here is my favorite.

7.  ESPN Baseball Tonight

Didn’t think baseball would show up?  Neither did I, but I admit this is a solid theme.  It’s got kind of a “news” sound to it with a little bit of guitar thrown in to remind us it’s a sports show (I guess).  Serves its purpose well.  Just for fun, here is the Baseball Tonight intro from 1990.  I like the vintage (nowadays) presentation:

6.  NFL on Fox (current)

Definitely not my favorite, but it encompasses Sunday afternoons really well.  Just listening to it takes you that familiar moment where even though the work week is just around the corner you can totally shut it out and just totally concentrate on football.


5.  MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL (classic version)

What can you say?  Just about everyone in the US would recognize this one and it’s a staple of TV sports themes.  Definitely distinct.  I also enjoy the current theme to an extent:

4.  NHL on Fox/FSN

I didn’t really plan on this one making it but after all it’s a short list.  Plus when I heard it again sifting through these themes it still stuck out, even though I hear it all the time.  I was looking for the original theme from when the actual Fox network had the rights to hockey games, but oddly enough this is it.  I didn’t remember them being the same (this and the FSN theme) but I couldn’t find any others and according to YouTube they are in fact virtually identical.

As an added bonus, here’s another NHL on Fox video I found.  Not for the faint of heart.  It’s a playoff preview from a long time ago.  It’s horrendous/hilarious and there’s a good number of players (including Penguins) making asses out of themselves:

3.  ESPN College Gameday

I really love this one.  When those horns and chimes kick in near the beginning there’s usually a nice panoramic shot of the field, which complements it perfectly.  It takes me back to college and fits the subject matter perfectly.


2.  NHL on ESPN

When I was old enough to really start learning and absorbing the game of hockey this was the song I most identified with.  It has more of a classic sound than its age would indicate.  In case anyone is curious, the NHL2Night theme is essentially just a short and sweet remix:


1.  NBA on NBC (classic)

I’m sure you thought this would be a hockey theme, but no!  I don’t even like basketball and don’t pretend to understand why anyone else likes it.  The thing is ever since this song was current I thought it kicked ass.  If you can remember the highlights whizzing by on the screen as this played you’d know this was a great theme.  It does what every theme song should do:  have a great riff that’s short but hits hard.  Again, I didn’t happen to find this on YouTube and declare it my favorite.  It’s stuck with me this long and like I said it’s for a sport I could care less about.  That’s staying power.  The first minute or so of the below video gives you an idea of what the entire package looked like on TV:

Well if you’ve come this far I’ve got a little Easter egg for you.  It doesn’t really fit on this list but definitely deserves to be in this article.  I may or may not have had tears in my eyes when I saw this.  Okay maybe not but wow, the memories:

So did I miss anything?  What favorites of yours did I sacrilegiously leave out?  Let me know which ones you agree or disagree with too!

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  1. Dan
    April 13, 2011 at 8:14 pm

    I miss #2 as my ringtone! And BOOMSHAKALAKA to number 1!

  2. April 13, 2011 at 9:51 pm

    I think “boomshakalaka” needs to come back, although you’re doing a good job of starting everyone off!

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